Free, naked & amongst nature

One of the most beautiful & calming things is to experience life the way we were meant too, free, naked & amongst nature. too often we are shadowed by insecurities, fearful of others opinions and perceptions of us and our lives that we lose touch with the things we were blessed with. believe me, when you let go of these fears & don’t shrink yourself or conform to other people’s ideas & expectations, AMAZING things start to happen. so acknowledge your fears, be vulnerable about your insecurities… then use this self awareness to empower yourself! self love is the most crucial type of love, so get amongst it – love who you are & who you’re becoming – not to mention the amazing body you were blessed with! 💚💚

Oh! And for anyone who doesn’t have anything nice to say, please reevaluate your own happiness!


Text: @caitlyngosley

Photographs: @tabbysoblonde911




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