Dancing under waterfalls

I wandered into a dream

a liberated vision amidst the touch of refreshing grass, so green

Unclothed and protected by this secluded earth

Igniting my senses as I shiver blissfully

While I walk on towards the land of the waterfall

An exciting beginning for my rebirth.


My naked body drifts along the crystalised stream

I absorb the chillness of water as it washes away my conditioned skin

The flowing water and the gentle soft breeze

 Invigorates my needful tender soul

My personality is reborn into a clarity

I’m an exciteful, natural, evolving tease amongst the woodland companions

A windfall of water shakes up my nude and natural existence

A child of mother earth awakened within a purified dream.


I breathe, I breathe, as I sense a new wonder

The sky begins to fall as I’m captured within the tropic of thunder

A mystical lagoon surrounded by a technicolour of calm

The soothing of my soul is a rhythm for my libido charm

Highland winds crash into the glow of my drenched shivered skin

Splashes of rain trickle and enrich my genitals and cleanse me within.


Uplifted with a feeling of peace and freedom on earth

Dancing under waterfalls is my new beginning

The natural naked me, my naturism birth.


Author: ©Anthony Crowley 2016
Naturist girl: @maddieeeshmaddie 


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