Difference between Nudists and Naturists

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“Naturism is a way of life, nudity is just a way of being, the nudist takes off his clothes, the naturist has to wear it for one reason or another.” A naturist appears naked in body and mind, the nudist only the body.”

A nudist can not practice nudism with clothes on, on the contrary a naturist is still a naturist, with clothes on or in total nudity, why? because the nude is only a phase of the naturist philosophy, the nudity for a naturist is not an end in itself, but the first step to live a lifestyle that few come to assume.

According to the International Federation of Naturism (I.N.F.), naturism is a way of life with the practice of common nudity which enriches the respect for the neighbor and the environment. In its most basic form, naturism is the freedom and comfort of not wearing clothes when they are not totally necessary, always respecting others and the environment.

We all start as nudists, few get to become naturists, modesty is lost very easy, the conditioning of society, customs and vices learned, are more difficult to lose, as most people are usually “naturist” season, almost never get to lose these evil customs of the textile world, they will stay as much, in the qualification of nudist, although they deceive themselves and believe that they are authentic naturists. Many nudists who believe themselves, “naturists” will be bothered by this news, but we will not cheat, if one is “naturist” season, a Nudist, who only practices nudism in the holidays, once or twice a year, and live the rest of the year isolated in a textile world, little naturist will have that person … the textile influence is very difficult to ignore.

What is the difference between naturism and nudism?

In a simple way you could say that nudism is the acceptance of the nude collectively, while naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of common nudity.

Naturism is a general reform of life; physical and mental hygiene (way of behaving, feeding, maintaining or restoring health) in a manner that respects nature.

For its physiological and psychological benefits, the practice of comprehensive and collective nudity (nudism) is included in this way of life. Nudity has become, for most people, the main feature.

There are some people who call themselves naturists and who do not admit individual, family or collective nudity. In some countries, the healthy life movements have left the qualification of “naturist”, estimating this word as synonymous with “nudist”. But many “non-nudist” naturist associations have retained this denomination mainly in the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America.

By its name, naturism clearly has to do with nature: respect and feel it. Sources: –


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