How to run naked (streaking)

Run Naked

Streaking is the art in which one takes off his clothes and runs naked in a public place. This act is frowned upon by the police, the government and your mother, although it is praised by your friends. It is often done at night because of a challenge; however, it can also be done on a gray afternoon of some day of the week. So, what are your plans for tomorrow?


Method 1

Plan your naked escapade:

1 – Choose a place.

It is possible that shy people want to experience a backyard, an abandoned street or any other place with few people at night. Also, it is possible that the daring (as) (or those with problems of authority) prefer to do it in supermarkets full in the middle of the day. Instead, it is possible that the extreme streaker (that is the person running naked) chooses a football field during a game, just in front of all the cameras. How daring do you feel?

  • Remember that the more extreme the place, the more extreme the consequences will be. If you want to cross a shopping mall running naked, you will actually find yourself going through a shopping mall while running naked and being chased by security guards. And what about the football field? You will win the opportunity to appear on a television show tomorrow night. In addition, you may end up seeing him from a detention cell, arrested for 24 hours, so do not forget to be careful.
  • Really, this depends on your location, well you could receive a fine, be arrested or included in the register of sex offenders (according to the seriousness of the circumstances). Investigate the laws in your region before ruining the rest of life for just about 30 seconds of harmless fun.


2 – Choose a moment.

You will look much thinner in the dark; However, if you want the world to appreciate you in its natural form, just a few seconds after struggling to get out of your mother’s womb, do it in broad daylight. If your streaks and fat rolls return to the popular video on YouTube, amazing! This is part of the fun, right?

  • If you plan to run naked on any public property, keep abreast of the laws on property violation. If running naked is illegal during the day, then, undoubtedly, it will be doubly illegal to do it hours later and you are somewhere you should not be. Of course, this will happen if you get caught.


3 – Choose your colleagues wisely.

Did you know that many streaking stories include a poor fool whose clothes are stolen? Then, he should take the lid of the nearest garbage can (as if the garbage cans still had lids) and parade naked through the nearest road to make a phone call to his mother. Do not be that boy. Get a group of friends you trust, who do not mind seeing you naked or you care to see them or they see you naked.

  • Also, if they run naked, make sure they are the kind of people you also want to see naked. If these rules rule out all the people you know, then do it yourself! In this way, all the glory can be yours and all eyes will be on you.


4 – Consider all your possibilities.

This is one of those plans where you need to have all outputs marked and located clearly. If the police chase you and things start to go wrong, what will be your way out? How are you going to handle this situation? Who will drive the car while you run? What will you wear?

  • Where will your clothes be? In your head, in your hands or some other place? Where will your transport be and how quickly can you get to it when things get out of control? Will you wear a wig so no one can recognize you? And a pair of shoes? Will your feet need protection anywhere you are (especially if you need to run fast)?
  • If you plan on running naked for a very short time, plan the clothes that you are going to get rid of. You can throw a robe in just a few seconds, but it is possible to take off tight jeans for a few minutes, putting you in a very vulnerable situation.



Method 2

Achieve the feat

1 – Go to the crime scene.

Literally. You know running naked is illegal, right? However, you have made all these plans, so you may want to continue with this. Did you take any Mountain Dew in advance? This type of stuff contains large amounts of energy and adrenaline. Did you bring your daring and your lack of shame? Let’s hope so!


2 – Make a quick review of your surroundings.

The phrase “Look behind your back” comes from “streaking” (although the sources are questionable). If you’re in a public place, remember to take a look. Are there children present? Cops? Any obstacles that can trip you up (very literally)? The last thing you want is to be naked, with your legs and arms outstretched in front of a six-year-old girl crying (because of an unfortunate downfall) and asking you questions that you will not be prepared to answer. So take a look to the left and to the right.

  • If you are part of a team, there will be strength in your amount. Choose one person or two as guards to watch. If something is wrong, set up a signal that can lead to abort the mission. You just have to try again tomorrow.


3 – Take off all the clothes.

Freedom, oh, sweet freedom. A healthy breeze running through your intimate parts, in the way that Mother Nature planned. I just remember not getting used to it. If you just take off your clothes it will not be “streaking”, you have to run, do what you have to do and get that feeling of satisfaction. How do you feel?

  • Really, take off all your clothes and put them in a safe place or leave them with trusted friends before you leave them. If there is no chance of being able to recover your clothes safely, put your underwear around your head, so you’ll have something to cover yourself with if you need it. You can also try to get another change of clothes and hide it just in case. This underwear can also be useful if the police arrive unexpectedly.


4 – Do it!

Well, don’t stand there. Jump! Take a few thrusts, get in full! Adopt the position of Captain Morgan. Think: how often does this moment occur? Not enough, yes, this is the correct answer. So take the next 30 seconds and express them for all they are worth. Maybe you will not have another chance again.

  • If you want to attract attention, scream again and again and you will get it. Maybe it’s the attention of the wrong people, but you’ll call it; and it is likely that these people carry with them some kind of recording device, so do not be surprised when they get them out quickly. There is no way to get this into your employer’s hands, right?


 5 – Return it a game.

How far can you and your friends go? Who will be able to last longer? What crazy feats can you do? Your location will determine the kind of games you can play, but do not let the harsh environment ruin your creativity. Here we show you some ideas:

• Take a tennis ball (or other small random object) and place it away. A person must run naked towards him and move him farther. Then, the next person must do the same. Very soon, some will be cowed!

• If you’re in a public place, take time, volume and audacity into account as your three variables. Who can do it for longer? Who is willing to be the loudest? Who is more willing to be more visible and vulnerable?



6 – Put on your clothes again.

Well, it did not last long, but it was sweet. If it had lasted longer, it would not have been so special. Brevity maintains the exceptional apart from becoming worldly; so go back and put on your clothes (anyway, maybe you’re a bit cold), go back to your friends and talk about the time when you all ran together and naked. How amazing was it? Did anyone take pictures?

  • If you cannot find your clothes, for once Live Naturism will not be able to help you. You could make your own clothes, but it is probably easier to ask for a person’s shirt or simply to parade until you are escorted to a place where you will receive a bright orange suit.


7 – Enjoy these memories.

When you have grandchildren, you can entertain them with the story in which you once laughed in the face of social norms and stripped naked, as happy as a clam on a Friday afternoon. However, maybe you could not wait until you have grandchildren and want to challenge your friends to be as amazing as you are. They have no chance, but you can try!



• Wear the least amount of clothing possible to start, so take it off and put it back on it will be easier.

• If you dared and are nervous, wear underpants (for boys) or a bra and thong (for girls). Over time you will be less nervous and you will be smart enough to be able to undress completely.

• Turn it into a game and see who can go further while running naked.

• If you are shy, try to do it in your backyard at night; Remember to make sure your neighbors are not nearby.



• In some places, public nudity is against the law.

• Wear hidden spare clothing, just in case your clothes are stolen.


Things you will need


• Friends of your trust

• High self-esteem

• Audacity

• Potential will to break the law

Source: wikiHow

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