How to swim naked

How to swim naked

Bathing naked is a very daring activity and is on the list of things to do of many people, which is understandable. After all, it has all the fun of swimming but with an added bonus of adrenaline! Under the right circumstances, you can swim successfully naked without anyone discovering you and you will have a memory that will last for the rest of your life.


Part 1

Plan your adventure:

How to swim naked


1 – Choose the location wisely. Undressing in public areas is illegal in many places. If you plan to swim naked, choose a place that has been specially designated, such as a nudist or free beach or do it in a private lake or in a pool. It is advisable to take a look at the local regulations before taking the risk.

  • A friend’s pool is the best option, but not the most exciting one. If you plan to do it in a public place, make sure you have a plan to avoid being caught. Swimming naked is not so fun when there are fines in between.


How to swim naked


2 – Find a companion. While all your friends will eventually know, you will have a stronger argument if you have a friend to back you up. Talk to your best friend about going swimming naked. Together they can divide and conquer.

  • Let’s say you have a meeting or a party during the night. After an expression of agreement or a small conversation, they can approach the subject and surprise everyone. If both show that they are excited, the rest of the people will feel the obligation to feel the same so as not to look bored.


3 – Decide when to do it. Surely you have a perfect opportunity in a short time, like a pool party, which was what made you have the idea. Otherwise, you will have to plan when to do it. And even more important, day or night?

  • It is better to do it during the holidays or after a party. In this way everyone will feel encouraged and ready to take advantage of the energy of the occasion. If you do not have a party soon, plan one!
  • Swimming naked during the night adds a sense of adventure and can help the shy ones to lose their shame. But doing it during the day is also an option, especially if you are in a private place. Say goodbye to the tan lines.


4 – Tell your friends with a couple of days in advance. Yes, going swimming naked spontaneously is one thing, but doing it premeditated generally works much better. With the right people, maybe you can take off your clothes and expect everyone to follow you and do the same, but it’s better that everyone knows in advance. Imagine that you take off your clothes and they all start to look at you like crazy.

  • Why is this so beneficial? Many people are shy and worry about how they will look. Notifying them will have the time necessary to shave or, to be honest, put on a tampon. Let them get presentable to increase the chances of this being a group adventure.


Part 2

Dare to do it

How to swim naked

1 – Wait for the right moment. Don’t try to swim naked when the party or gathering is just beginning. Instead, wait for things to calm down a bit. Wait until everyone arrives, eat and have time to mingle among the guests. When the environment is quieter, prepare to address the issue.

  • It is probably also convenient to wait until the sun goes down. Wait for the sunset and when the moon is high in the sky it will be the ideal time to swim naked.
  • If you are doing this illegally, wait until the authorities leave. You will have to know their revision schedules and act accordingly.


How to swim naked


2 – Propose the idea: You can tell the people near you that it’s time to swim naked or you can just go to the water and start taking off your clothes. Either way, encourage the person you spoke to in step 2 to join you. The rest of the people will start to get excited about the idea when they see that another person also joins you.

  • If you feel very daring, do some trick to get attention. If everyone is shooting with water pistols and you are on the trampoline, take off your clothes at that moment and make your entrance triumphant.


How to swim naked


3 – Encourage people to undress and undress with confidence. You will not feel comfortable taking off your clothes if you are too critical or you care a lot about your appearance. Take off your clothes without hesitation and without making faces for your faults. Think positively about yourself and concentrate on the parts of your body that you feel comfortable with. Nobody is perfect, so learn to appreciate your body.

  • Also, encourage the people around you to have confidence. If a friend has doubts to join you, try to help him to understand that his defects are not a big deal and that he looks good. Shame is one of the biggest mental barriers when it comes to swimming naked.


4 – Hide your clothes. When you’re in your underwear, take the time to hide your clothes in the right place. If you are in public, you should leave it somewhere accessible for you but not for the rest. In other words, in some close but hidden.

  • Never miss that person in the group who thinks it’s fun to steal everyone’s clothes. This is the person you should take care of. However, you can also use the strength of numbers and visibility: you can leave everyone’s clothes in a large pile in full view of everyone. In this way the clothes will be close and nobody will be tempted to take it.


How to swim naked

5 – Consider taking off your underwear once you are in the water. A more modest approach to swimming naked is to throw clothes and jump in underwear. Consider yourself so excited that you could not even wait to take off all your clothes. Then, once hidden under a water shield, the underwear falls off.

  • Some may find this comforting, as many are nervous about being naked (and jumping from one side to the other) in front of other people. If you do it this way, you may discover that your friends will feel less hesitant to join in the fun.


How to swim naked

6 – Play in the water. Nothing, splashes and dives. Be careful not to crash other people, unless you know they enjoy the contact. Try to keep the good mood and make the event fun, not weird.

  • While playing, pay attention to your surroundings, especially if you are in a place where you should not be. If someone feels uncomfortable about swimming naked, tell them you need someone to watch. This way you will feel less embarrassed.


Part 3

Be smart and stay safe:

How to swim naked

1 – Never swim naked if you are drunk. While being drunk often suggests that swimming naked is a good idea, it is not! It is very dangerous to swim while intoxicated. Imagine if one of your friends starts to drown and you are too drunk to help him. This would not be as fun as you planned.

  • If one of your friends is drunk, calm things down. Make sure the party is relatively quiet and that your friends have some time to lower their cravings before getting into the water.


How to swim naked

2 – Do not let your friends take pictures. A good adventure can easily end in failure because of the scandal that a nude photo can provoke (just ask any celebrity to check it). And what’s worse, if you’re in a place where it’s illegal to swim naked, you do not want to have evidence. All phones and cameras should stay away from the water.

  • Again, be nice to your friends. Most people do not want their photos to be from the popular domain. The night could become something that you will regret later.
  • In addition, there is always the indiscretion that is given to the task of publishing those photos online to upload them to XXX pages, thus damaging the reputation of the people.


How to swim naked

3 – Do not go if you do not feel comfortable. If you changed your mind or think there is something wrong right then, do not go. Nobody presses you. You are still great. If you were the one who came up with everything, you should know that you do not owe explanations to anyone. You’re just not in the mood to do it.

  • This gets even worse if someone makes you feel uncomfortable. Let’s say that during the party there is a strange person who prowls around you and hits you. Do not swim naked in front of this person; since it would be the best way to get into trouble. You must trust the people around you.



4 – Do not go alone: Consider these two situations:

  • If you are in a public place, do not swim naked without company. Someone could steal your clothes or belongings and many unfortunate things could happen. It is safer to go in a group.
  • If your friends do not want to go, do not go alone. From one moment to another you could become the naked person that makes others feel uncomfortable. That is a nickname that will cost you to leave. Wait until other people want to go with you.
  • – Especially the latter if you are a girl could put your reputation into question.


  • A good strategy to swim naked between two people is the attitude “I will take my clothes off only if you take yours.”
  • Know the difference between admiring and looking lasciviously. To look with admiration at the physique of another person while swimming naked is harmless, but try not to stare. A very long look may seem strange and rude.
  • If you are a boy, try to avoid erections, as they could generate discomfort.
  • Think of people who have done this before. If you have a friend who has done this before, you may be able to ask him or her to join.


  • Make sure the place is appropriate. Make your party away from young children. If you swim naked in the presence of minors, they could arrest you.
  • Public undress is illegal in some places. To avoid fines, it is advisable to hold a party in a private pool.
  • Be careful and discreet when you suggest this group activity; They could come to look at you like a pervert.
  • Do not force anyone to swim naked; It can be a lot of fun, but not everyone wants to take their clothes off. This is something that you must respect.
  • You must be very careful not to let yourself touch the genitals. If you are a boy, do not even think about touching the breasts or buttocks of the girls! You could win a strong slap and be like a pervert.
  • Avoid any impulse of a sexual nature (masturbate, penetrate, etc.) at all costs.


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