I prefer you naturally

I prefer you to Natural

Abandoning the box that I thought should remain because of my size cost me a lot of work. My prominent curves were uncomfortable within such a small space. Full of prejudices and insecurities.

The fear of being watched and judged in my greatness kept me in jail. My mind and body looked for freedom, they craved it, just like a fish looks for water that no longer drowns it, on the contrary, it fills it with life. Along the way I realized that there were more people like me, searching, fighting and claiming their space. The lack of inclusion of diverse bodies inspired me to become a dissident who does not abide by the imposed beauty standards and to become my own standard. And so show others that they are not alone, that our bodies are valuable regardless of shape or size.

I prefer you to Natural

That day I got out of the box, stopped in front of the mirror, drew lines over my body, caressed each part and hugged myself saying: here I am, this is what I have now. I was free and like a fish in the immense sea I threw myself into it. And as if he was waiting for me, I have received me with clothes, but in the swing of his waves I have invited me to this way undress, telling me I prefer you naked; I prefer this way, I prefer you naturally.


By Leuryck Ortiz

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