My definition of Naturism

definition of Naturism

A way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, with the aim of promoting respect for oneself, respect for others and the environment.


Nude At Deserted Stormy Beach.



My definition has me:

Living as we are born, in our simplest device in agreement with ourselves as well as with nature without offending others.

Not easy when one is complex, that our body makes us ashamed to accept the smallest allusion to nudity. But like all the rest, it’s healing, believe me.

“The concept of a perfect body is more a myth. We are convinced that the stress caused by the expectations of society is very damaging. Naturism advocates acceptance of the body. Visiting a naturist environment, you will meet people of all ages, all colors and very different looks. And all these bodies bear all the traces of the passage of life”.

All that is needed is just one person, in whom you believe, with whom you are wonderfully well, to whom you trust completely, who guides you through this experience. This person being very comfortable with his body, never criticizing you on the contrary, which brings out the beauty that sleeps in you.

One day you take the first step, in the privacy of a naturist bath, you squeeze your bath out around your breasts, your hips. Little by little the belt comes off and lets glimpse a thigh, a breast, nothing surprises you more, the sight of other bodies so different but so similar your. Nobody looks at you, nobody interests you more than others.



Naked Be Healthy and Natural (Nude Beach).

“Sometimes newcomers do not know where to look. For a naturist, there is no difference between walking naked or dressed. Try to behave as normal as possible.

There is nothing wrong with looking. At first, it may be that due to a natural curiosity your eyes linger longer on the breasts or the genitals. Simply avoid fixing. With time, this curiosity will diminish and you can focus again on the face and eyes. “

You hang your bathrobe on the hook before taking a shower, then you forget it because the sea is just there, a stone’s throw away. When you come out, the beach waits for you with its gentle waves and you only think of one thing, to sink into it to feel these thousands of bubbles caressing your skin.

Then the sun is there and waiting for you to dry your body wet, you forget that you are naked, you do not even know more or lies this bath outlet so much appreciated in the beginning.

Laying, on the deckchair, among so many bodies as naked as yours, you revel in the heat of the sun’s rays on your skin.

Naked people, every day I see in my professional environment, these people feel as uncomfortable in their nakedness but now I know how to reassure them, because I went through this stage and I feel so Well in my body that I would like all my entourage to be as well in theirs as me.


Why I love naturism?

  • – Because I find more respect in every respect.

  • – Because I feel very naked.

  • – Because I find it nice to be naked.

  • – Because I accept that others do not like it.

  • – Because it makes me drunk to put on clothes when I’m hot.

  • – Because it relaxes me.

  • – Because I want to stay myself. – Because I was born like that.

  • – Because I do not wear a bathing suit in the shower.

  • – Because the trace of the jersey is ugly.

  • – Because a jersey does not hide age, neither curves nor bullshit.

  • – Because the wet jersey is long to dry.

  • – Because we feel lighter without a jersey.

  • – Because I have good hygiene.

  • – Because no sweating.

  • – Because I’m free.

  • – Because it’s decomplexing.

  • – Because I assume to be different.

  • – Because I admit the difference.

  • – Because I accept the nudity of others.

  • – Because it changes the look on others.

  • – Because the social level of one and the other no longer exists.

  • – Because it promotes the social bond without prejudices.

  • – Because it’s not immodest.

  • – Because it’s not related to sexuality.

  • – Because it puts in direct contact with nature, its surroundings, its friends.

  • – Because when I’m cold I dress.

  • – Because we are the only living creatures that dress.

  • – Because it’s me that looks.

  • – Because being dressed embarrassed me.

  • – Because I develop all my senses!

  • – Because people who practice are different.

  • – Because I find conviviality.

  • – Because in searching, we can still find good reasons…


By @thetvenezuelannaturist

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