Naturism, the dance of the spirit and nature.

Naturism, the dance of the spirit and nature

Whenever I am asked why I chose a Naturist lifestyle, I answer without hesitation that naturism is the dance of the spirit and nature. The communion of man and the land that gives him the opportunity to be born, that shelters him, feeds him and provides him with everything necessary for life.

Every time I go to the forest (my favorite places) an intoxicating feeling invades me, a cluster of magical energies surrounds me, fill me and clean me of any negative feelings. No matter how bad my week has been, on the weekend I have gone for a walk to some forest where I can be free in my birthday suit, I forget everything bad, I renew myself and I feel that I am reborn in a new version of myself.


What else can I do with such majesty and grandeur, the only thing that emerges is to close my eyes and let myself be carried away by the dance that inspires the sound of the wind and the song of the birds, those magical chords that make me vibrate and melt my movements in the foliage until I feel that my whole being has been reborn.


Naturism, the dance of the spirit and nature

I confess, being a naturist was the best decision I have made in my life, today I can not imagine my life without this freedom and fullness that I can only feel through naturism. No matter how many times I escape to the forest, to the waterfalls, to the valleys, it always feels like the first time, that thrilling tingling that seizes me when I get up early on a Sunday morning to go to my favorite dance floor under the trees or next to a stream. Even during the road I feel how my adrenaline increases in the expectation of the landscape that I will find when I reach my destination.


Naturism, the dance of the spirit and nature


Do you want to know how I do it?

Simple, I spent a couple of days to plan my departure, I choose a national park, a farm or tourist stop where I can feel safe and that does not represent a problem to take off my clothes. Usually I go out very early on Sunday, I take some reservations to eat during the day, a Play List with very soft instrumental music, a map and my mountain bike.

If you ever dare to practice a naturist walk like this, invite a couple of intrepid friends to accompany you, as a group or as a couple, the experience is always better.

By the way, I always take precaution and I carry with me sunscreen, insect repellent and pepper spry (to fasten the bears). I also check the safety rules of each place I visit.


Life is only one to waste in monotony.




By Live Naturism

Photos: Bertha Estances

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