Real Naturism

Real Naturism

Well, if you’ve been a naturist for awhile,  you may have noticed a strong slide in real naturism into other topics, like sexuality, or identity politics.

Through these article I hope to bring back some sanity to the nudist lifestyle. I want to make people less afraid of nudism, and attract more families and younger people (groups quickly disappearing from nudism altogether) to the lifestyle, by bringing back the original focus of nudism on health and comfort.


What naturism Is:

A joy in living simply and nude.

A focus on family and social nudity.

An appreciation for the human body in all its shapes and sizes.

A focus on sex or sexuality.

A politicization of the human body and nudity

Voyeurism or exhibitionism.

An excuse for swinger get-togethers or retiree soirees consisting of dirty old men and their equally dirty wives.

An over-emphasis on image and “looking good”.


By: @alexandracss_ & @lohaapg

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