Solar Angel

Solar Angel


Awakening of the sun

embracing the soft innocence of skin

freedom like a bird in flight

I hear the call of the natural wind.


The evolution of all mankind

My temple of skin

my fortress, my soul

the naked prince upon the land

 wings that evade a victimise fall.


Stronger and stronger

my world is my sun

Born this way for my freedom

I am who I am

a naked soul population

We are one in this world

This is our clothes free nation.


Winters they fade

Hypnotised sun hanging

 above the natural throne

worshipping the protective skin

hibernating from fear of some

cherishing the normality within

We are born naked

I’m an angel, this isn’t a sin.


Author: ©Anthony Crowley 2016
Naturist girl: @callitintheairr


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