Take off your clothes

Take off your clothes

Taking off your clothes and getting naked are different actions. The first one is a mechanical act that does not generate any connection. The second opens a range of possibilities that elevate our mind by activating the senses. Getting undressed implies opening up, giving oneself without expecting something in particular, making us vulnerable to the world around us. A naked body is like a piece of abstract art, which is free of interpretation for the observer. For many it is a weapon, for others it is temptation and sin; for me it is a refuge, an instrument with which I love, I believe, I demand and I protest.

When I undress I feel free, primitive; wild. I feel all and none. I become one with the universe and lose myself in its nothingness. I no longer take off my clothes, now I undress, I allow myself to explore the different sensations of the breeze on my skin. When I do this under the cover of the sky and surrounded by the walls of the trees that surround me I feel immense. There is so much in me to be explored that I long to be discovered… The nakedness makes its way through with its simplicity and fills me with strength. I intertwine myself with my surroundings, I allow myself to be and to feel without restrictions. I do not feel sinful, I feel at peace.

Today don’t take off your clothes, better get naked. Connect with yourself and the world around you, blend in with your surroundings and let yourself be. Remember you are art..


By Leuryck Ortiz

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