The Earth Mother

The Earth Mother


An artificial world I travelled from

Social conditioning tried to steal my identity

I headed towards a place of natural protection

To find myself and my inner beauty

I’ve always known from birth who I was supposed to be

My nude awakening was the truth of my reality.


I walked through the forests and meadows

I heard the surrounding Mother earth call out to me

Silence within silence was the loudest of song

I was born for this freedom

The sacred earth is where I belong.

I ran through the rustling green bushes

A visionary wonder of illuminated stream like falls

A hypnotic feeling of water upon naked skin

Enriched my inner soul as I felt awoken within.

I lay my nude body deeply within the long green grass

A wonder in the sky, of blue sunshine and wildlife surprise

My naked soul is relieved with my once tired eyes

I hear the sound of footsteps approaching close

I smile at my natural, beautiful princess as she lays by my side.


Her skin soaks the sun as her mind escapes into this natural world

We are one soul with two hearts together

We are now at home amongst the cheerful animals and mother earth

Nothing else matters, not the past material world with clothes

We are one together, with our celebratory natural skin

No lack of confidence would gain or win.

Away from the media, negativity of the modern world

We’ve found our sacred special place

We’re often looked at being different

We aren’t the alien or the social recluse

Understanding life’s meaning

To educate and the acceptance of the human race.


Society became a distant bad dream

We are simply nude, natural and happy

Our naked energies flow as we take a dip down the river stream

The laughter as we run together under the twilight night sky

No more stress these days, not even a sad tear or a cry

Our naked bodies drenched under the soft summer wind

We are guided by the natural mother earth

We are united with the love, peace and truth

We have been spiritually awoken

We are ourselves, we’ve nothing to hide, nothing to lose.


Author: ©Anthony Crowley 2016
Naturist girl: Ariel



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