The eye of the world that shun and gleamed with a mystifying flicker from within the trees

A shadow from a silhouette pranced timidly from a hidden bush

With angel like eyes and a ballerina like stance

An earth child beauty tip toes and manoeuvres in flight to an enlightened dance

Her skin was pure and soft with an Autumn like glow

She carried her timber flute as she danced happily nude

The wildlife around her suddenly began to wake at her door

She was the soul of the forest and she was innocently wild

Her presence evolved under the moon as Mother Nature’s child


She looked towards the sky and told a tale from the earth

Night stars they sparkled with an illuminated show

Her breasted body shimmers as she dashes in a flightless mode towards the river

The howls from a nearby mountain wolf shuck her startled posture with a wilderness shiver


The morning was breaking into a new day and moon

Animals were hunting and prowling the hour

Her magnificent nature bloomed splendidly like a wild sun risen flower

Morning was breaking through the earthly sky

Her resemblance now had an appearance etched in stone

She sat cross legged upon the rock face near to the thunder sounding like stream

The daughter of the forest played a tune from an otherworldly kind of dream


The rhythm from her soul excited her environmental ground

The stillness of chills then came from the rustling trees

Sacredness of the earth was awoken with ambience and bliss

Her nurtured wings were happy as she felt incredibly proud

She flew to the summer flocking sky away from the distant storm-filled crowd




Author: ©Anthony Crowley 2017
Naturist girl: @BridelvaSvensson


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