I Went to a Nude Beach

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Our Nude Beach

When I was 19, a group of us and our girlfriends (8 in total) went on holiday to Bali.  We rented a fairly secluded beach house which had its own private beach.  On the first day we arrived, we picked up a few cases of beer when leaving the airport and headed in the taxi’s to the house.  Upon getting to the house, we dumped our cases in the bedroom and started on the beer’s and as usual drank too much.

In the morning, I woke up to find that my girlfriend wasn’t in bed with me.  As I strolled through the house and peeked in the other bedrooms, I couldn’t find her anywhere.  As I walked out on the verandah overlooking our beach, I could see her and Tony’s girlfriend (Kim, who I met only a few weeks prior to the holiday) swimming in the ocean.  As I walked towards them, I could see that Linda (my girlfriend) was topless.  This was no surprise as she does this regularly.  However as she started to come out of the water I realised that she was in fact nude.  She quite calmly walked up to me and gave me a kiss and them sat down on her towel.   I waved to Kim who was still in the ocean.  She waved back but seemed reluctant to get out of the water.  So I turned to Linda and asked her if Kim was ok.  Linda responded that Kim must be a bit embarrassed as she was also nude and didn’t know me that well.  She then suggested to me to also get naked to make Kim more comfortable.

This got me excited because Kim was a good looking girl and Linda had just given me the green light to see her naked.  As I took off my clothes, I could see Kim looking at me.  With my clothes off I sat next to Linda and waited for Kim to come out of the water.

However, to my surprise, Tony, Nathan and Nathan’s girlfriend Julie, walked up behind me.  The 3 of them looked and both Linda and I naked and Nathan said, “Hey nude dude, having a great time?  I take it that Kim is naked also!”.  Tony seemed speechless as he was looking at Linda’s **** and brazilian, so I said “We’re just getting one with nature.”  Linda then said to Julie, “come on, join us.  It great”.  Julie who was looking at me immediately looked at Nathan who was already starting to take his clothes off. Nathan responded “we’re all friends here, come on, let do it”.  With this prompting, Julie removed her clothes.  I had seen Julie rather small breast before but not completely nude.  I got to see her neat landing *****

While this was going on, Tony had walked to the edge of the ocean and was calling out to Kim.  Upon, seeing this, Linda said, “I don’t think Tony’s very happy.  We should talk to him. Come on Julie”.  She then got up and grabbed Julie by the hand and the 2 of them walked towards Tony.  I could see Nathan having a good look at Linda’s ***.  I was quite proud of this as Linda has great **** and a beautiful firm ***.  Anyway, I got to check out Julie who was pretty firm herself.

I could see Linda and Julie standing in front of Tony talking to him.  This felt a bit strange to see my naked girlfriend standing in front of my clothed best friend while he is giving her and Julie the once over.  The situation must have also been a bit strange for Kim, as she got out of the water stood between Tony and Linda and Julie to give Tony a kiss.  The 4 of them then walked towards us and I got to check out both Kim’s nice firm breasts and brazilian.  When they got back, Tony took his clothes off and the 6 of us sat there in a semi-circle talking.

After a little while, John and Susie came out.  They could see that none of us had clothes on.  With the 2 of them having a good look at us, Susie said “I didn’t expect this” to which Nathan responded, “Neither did I, but what a great way to start the holidays”.  Susie noticed that most of us didn’t have any towels and said to John to go get some.  John headed back while Susie took her clothes off.  I had seen Susie naked once before when she did a dare, but it was great to see her wonderful body again.  I think she enjoyed all the guy’s looking at her.  A short time later, John came back naked with the towels having left his clothes in the house.

We sat and laughed and enjoyed ourselves for some time.  Every now and them one of the couples would head back to the house to get food or beer for the group and we spent most of the day on the beach.

Having done this, every morning we would have a swim naked and relaxed before we decided what to do fore the rest of the day.   If the afternoon and evening (in on a couple,of night) we went swimming, it would be without swimsuits.  This became our own holiday nude beach.

After the holidays when we got home, we were very comfortable with each other and we started to visit the local nude beach and if we went to Nathan’s (who had a pool) we would often swim naked.


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