Whispering Through The Wilderness

Whispering Through The Wilderness


The wind begins to dash through the woodland trees

I gallantly shift my naked torso through the scenic splendour

A world once lost within the rural green

A place of natural acceptance for both human and Earth

I am alive with the breeze, my spiritually whispered birth

Take me towards a natural oblivion within your protective surround

I was once a lost name within a lost outside material society

I have arrived to my natural home, my beginning, my soul calling…

Windswept daylight dreaming tingles my liberated thoughts with delight

I look up to the treetops and see many of birds in a playful, happy flight

I am soothed as I sit my temple of skin onto the grass below me

The softness calm of the Summer wind begins to shimmer through my sensitive soul

I can hear the call from the Mother nature song

“Take me with you, take me to my belonging”

This is the only reality that you naturally feel

The soft guiding air is so pleasantly soothing and real

The rhythm within my naked soul ignites the natural world around me

I feel wrapped amongst the protection of the wilderness and trees

I can breathe, I can breathe, this is how we are meant to be

I am nature, the wilderness I see.

Author: ©Anthony Crowley 2016
Naturist girl By @chillinmasterls


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